Published by dan on Mar 20, 2012

Tim Tebow is better than you

I’m a Broncos fan and people can’t stop talking to me about Tim Tebow. Now that his fate as a Bronco is sealed, here’s my opinion.

The Denver Broncos are a business, and they made the business decision to sign Peyton Manning, believing he gives them a better team. Tim Tebow's stock is at an all-time high and they're cashing out. It was the safe play. He's Peyton Manning.

Tim Tebow will now likely go to a struggling team where he'll lack the support to succeed, and everyone who argued he wasn't an NFL quarterback will be vindicated. But why is everyone so invested in Tim Tebow's fate? Many first round draft picks don't work out.

First Round Quarterbacks 2000-2008

Year Pick Player
1 2000 18 Chad Pennington
2 2001 1 Michael Vick
3 2002 1 David Carr
4 2002 3 Joey Harrington
5 2002 32 Patrick Ramsey
6 2003 1 Carson Palmer
7 2003 7 Byron Leftwich
8 2003 19 Kyle Boller
9 2003 22 Rex Grossman
10 2004 1 Eli Manning
11 2004 4 Philip Rivers
12 2004 11 Ben Roethlisberger
13 2004 22 J.P. Losman
14 2005 1 Alex Smith
15 2005 24 Aaron Rodgers
16 2005 25 Jason Campbell
17 2006 3 Vince Young
18 2006 10 Matt Leinhart
19 2006 11 Jay Cutler
20 2007 1 JaMarcus Russell
21 2007 22 Brady Quinn
22 2008 3 Matt Ryan
23 2008 18 Joe Flacco

I consider the blue name to have worked out poorly. Sports are built on having something to cheer for, but actively hating a player is beyond competition. What drives people to this?

  • Rival fans hate him. Tebow has ruined entire seasons for the University of Georgia, the University of Alabama, and many more: that's sports.
  • The unreligious get offended by him. Tebow thanks God a lot, but it's television. He's not going Clockwork Orange on anyone. They are just ultra-sensitive to the topic and need to take a couple more steps towards apathy.
  • NFL Analysts don't think he'll succeed. They've said it so often their ego is wrapped in it. They can't be wrong, so they cherry-pick his mistakes to prove it.
  • NFL Enthusiasts are tired of him. They watch a lot of ESPN and blame Tebow for ruining it, forgetting that Tebow doesn't produce Sportscenter.
  • Doubters think he's lying. They see through his thinly veiled words because everyone has always let them down, so they always see the bad, assume the worst, and are very lonely.

If you fit any of these descriptions, you are actively wishing failure onto another human being, and Tim Tebow is better than you.

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